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The Parish of St. Peter's Tankersley and St. Pauls Pilley

The Rectors Letter – November 2019

LETTER FROM THE RECTOR   NOVEMBER 2019   Dear friends   There is little doubt that the 11th September 2001 has gone down in history as one of the darkest days of modern times. Books have been written about the twin towers, and several television programmes have been made charting the events that led up…
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The Rectors Letter – October 2019

LETTER FROM THE RECTOR   OCTOBER 2019 HARVEST     Dear friends   Harvest time is here again! Harvest Services are an opportunity to recognise and respond to the fact that we are totally dependent upon God. It is also a time to recognise that we have an obligation to share with and help others who…
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The Rectors Letter – March 2019

LETTER FROM THE RECTOR   March 2019   Dear friends, The Crucifixion of Jesus Of what conceivable significance, for us today, is the death of a Jew in Palestine two thousand years ago? As we journey now towards Holy Week and the events of Good Friday and Easter Day, we all need to address the…
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The Rectors Letter – February 2019

THE RECTOR’S LETTER February  2019   Dear friends St Peter was more often than not the one who got things wrong, but even so Jesus knew all along that he’d turn out OK in the end. There’s hope for all of us! One of my favourite stories from the Gospels refers to one of those…
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Sunday 12th January NOTICES

Midweek Services: There is a midweek communion on Thursday at 9.30am at Pilley St Pauls United Covenant Service with Pilley Methodists at Pilley Chapel. January 27th at 3.00pm followed by tea and cakes. PCC on Thursday at 7.30pm at St Paul’s Pilley. Coffee served from 7.15pm. MESSY CHURCH next Sunday at 4.00pm at Thurgoland Holy…
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Sunday 12th January

Welcome to St Peter’s Church Tankersley Sunday January 12th 2019 Isaiah 43 1-7 Luke 3 15-17, 21-22 Today we are thinking about the Baptism of Jesus. In recent weeks we have celebrated the arrival of our Saviour Christ the Lord, when he was born as one of us on the first Christmas Day We’ve also…
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The Rectors Letter – January 2019

Dear friends The month of January is named after the Roman god Janus, who is depicted with two faces. We may look back to the old year with sadness or regret, but how can we make a fresh start at the beginning of 2019? The apostle Paul writes ‘But one thing I do: forgetting what…
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Sunday 23rd September

Welcome to St Peter’s Church Tankersley Sunday the 23rd Sept. The lesson today is from Mark 8 27-end Last week we saw what happened when Peter’s ideas clashed with God’s plans for Jesus to go to the cross. Peter couldn’t bring himself to believe that Jesus, the Messiah would be killed. This went against the…
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Sunday 23rd September NOTICES

SUNDAY 23RD SEPTEMBER MIDWEEK SERVICES There is a communion service on Thursday at Pilley at 9.30am POPPY DISPLAY Leaflets are at the back of the church for any of you who would like to register to display your own creative piece. Please do so by the end of September. WOODBINE WILLY16th November at 7.00pm. Ordered…
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The Rectors Letter – October 2018

Dear friends Grow an attitude of gratitude Harvest is a time of thanksgiving to God for all His provision for us. It is good to cultivate a grateful heart, and studies have shown that people who practise thankfulness tend to have a more positive outlook on life, be more optimistic about the future, and are…
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